Connecting a GoDaddy domain to Blogger

Apr 23, 2022 0 comments

In this article I will show you how to connect your own domain to Blogger, with detailed instructions and pictures. The tutorial applies to domains hosted at GoDaddy, but can be easily modified for other domain registrars.

For this example we will start from a blog named MyBlog, with the address, and we will connect it to the domain

To do this we will need to open, select the blog MyBlog and we go to Settings.

To connect our domain, in Settings we go to Publishing and we click on Custom domain. A new window opens and prompts for the custom domain name:
It is quite a common mistake to enter the domain name as I did in the above picture. If you have done this, you will receive the following error message:

The correct way is to enter the a subdomain of the domain you wish to connect to blogger - most often the www subdomain is used.

Now, if you click on save you will get the following message:

The red text contains two super important pieces of information:
  • the security subdomain; in my example is the string SECsubdomain
  • security CNAME value; in my example is the string
Take the text in red, copy-paste it into a text document and save it! You will need it later if you have to reconnect to the domain.
Leave this window open and open GoDaddy in another tab.

* * *

In GoDaddy we go to My Products, and then we go to the We click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the domain tab, and from the drop-down menu we select Manage DNS.

For a fresh domain, the domain management window should look like this:

The first DNS A record must be deleted.

Then we add new A records, pointing to Google IPs.

In the end we must have four new A records.

Next, we delete the CNAME that redirects www to

Two new CNAME records have to be added:

  • one record that maps www to
  • one record that maps the security subdomain to the security CNAME value

 Now, return to the first tab with Blogger settings,and click on SAVE.

If nothing happens when you press save, wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes it takes a while for the new DNS settings to propagate.

Also, enable the toggle switch to enable redirecting to www.

The final thing to do is to enable HTTPS. In blogger setting set the two toggle switches under HTTPS tab.

Now you have to wait, it takes time to enable HTTPS (sometimes even an hour). When everything is ready, if you type in your browser you will see your blogger site.


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